“Full Marketing Support” is our proprietary approach that makes “the difference”, the Imex Leader Inc. difference!

This “Full Marketing Support” is our main service for you, our customer, and allows your product sales to grow fast and spread wide in our market.

Our professional “Full Marketing Support” provides you with the following resources:

Advertising and Sales: Imex Leader Inc. is honored to work closely with both International Marketplace Magazine and, which are instrumental in aiding our customers and vendors to present your products to end consumers, to build relationships, loyalty, and increase sales demand, and to return important market management customer feedback.

Our marketing team works closely with end consumers as well — providing customer product reviews and outlet / retail store surveys. Additionally, our team conducts sales promotions to directly stimulate sales, using proven methods such as samplings, gift programs, etc.

Retail Pricing: is one of the most important factors in moving products fast! Based upon outlet / store location and end consumer mix, Imex Leader Inc. is instrumental in advising “right priced” pricing of your products to these seller locations. We encourage relationships that enable our retailers to become “success partners” so that we can all profit — together.

Schematics & Merchandising: are critical in ensuring that the right products are most effectively and strategically placed in retail stores. We work directly with our retailers to establish the correct product placements, as well as to establish schematics and merchandising plans for new stores or outlets.

Inventory Control: is a second critical product management task. To save money and improve customer satisfaction, Imex Leader Inc. uses a Scan-Based Trading (SBT) system that provides retailers with the necessary information to avoid either overstock or out-of-stock situations. This retail technology also discovers and provides information on price tag errors including: prices, names, weight, UPC, etc.

Customer Service: is crucial for the success of any business, and we take it seriously at Imex Leader Inc. In cooperation with International Marketplace Magazine, we provide a Customer Help program that maintains professional connections with both the end consumer and retailers for their inventory control management and customer services.