Nescafe is a brand of instant coffee made by Nestle. Nestle’s flagship powdered coffee product was introduced in Switzerlandon April 1, 1938.
Jacobs is a brand of coffee that traces its beginnings to 1895 in Germany by Lohann Jacobs and is today marketed in Europe by Mondelez International. Major markets are Austria, the Baltic countries, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Namibiaand South Africa.
Ellite Strauss Coffee (formerly EliteCoffee) was established in the mid 1950s. Strauss Coffee’s strength in Israel has provided the foundation to support Strauss Coffee’s global expansion. In Israel, Elite brands (both in the Turkish coffee and instant coffee category) maintain leading market positions operating both in retail and away from home (AFH).
Mokate began in 1900 in the town of Dobra (Cieszyn Silesia region, today ‘s Czech Republic). The progenitor of the Mokrysz fami ly opened a shop with “colonial” goods. In 1992 MOKATE Cappuccino is launched.Today MOKATE consists from fully integrated group of 9 companies, with 6 located outside of Poland.
Tchibo is a German chain of coffee retailers and cafes, also known for its weekly-changing range of other products.
Heath & Heather is the UK’s No 1 health sector tea & herbal infusion brand. Heath & Heather was first established in 1920 by Samuel Ryder, an entrepreneur whose fortune was made selling garden seeds in penny packets.
Ty-phoo is a brand of tea in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 1903 by John Sumner Jr. of Birmingham, England.
Ridgways was originally founded in 1836 when Thomas Ridgway opened his first tea shop in King William Street in London. The company developed such a strong reputation that aspiring tea blenders would even pay for the privilege to work and be trained at Ridg­ ways.
London Fruit & Herb Company began in the port of London, which has traditionally been at the heart of sourcing and blending quality herbs and spices.
Van Cortlandt for Baking and Drinking is smooth, delicate, velvety, and versatile. This Dutch alkalized processed cocoa has none of the sourness or bitterness associated with natural cocoa powders.
Dallmayr is one of the best-loved coffee brands in Germany for decade. Hardly any other brand has defined people’s taste in coffee for generations as much as Dallmayr prodomo.
Langneze The Langnese honey brand was born in 1927 and was accompanied by the classic “fine selection”. A short time later the brand was given its characterizing feature: the honey-combed shaped hexagonal glass jar with its gold-colored Langnese lettering and exquisite taste. In 1958, Langnese had a turnover of 6,500 tons of honey and 20 million DM a year.A “masterpiece of nature,” Langnese honey is quite simply the perfect harmony between product and brand. Germany’s best known and most popular honey, its is also a global brand and is now present in more than 50 countries. In 1997, Langnese launched the first ever honey dispenser known as “bee easy”.
Bait Trade is a Wholesale food company that was founded in 2008 with the main idea of import quality, tasty and popular food in the U.S. market.
Brietsamer Honig is a German brand of honey, honig.
Fresh made was founded in the early 1980s and introduced the United States to the unique, delectable and health-promoting dairy product called Kefir.
Edelcreme is a cheese company from the heart of the Allgaeus. As first cream cheese in Germany it looks on a tradition for many decades back.
Edeka Mibell products are German an always top notch and guarantee you with selected ingredients, unique recipes and meticulous manufacturing maximum enjoyment. Edeka’s quality brand range consists of some 1,000 products available under 12 different brand names.
Hohland is a German company represented in all the main cheese segments with the well-known brands Hochland, Almette, Valbrie, Patros and Grunlander. The portfolio includes processed cheese, hard cheese and sliced cheese, cream cheese, soft cheese and feta cheese.
Meica is a German company that sells Frankfurter sausages and the famous Bockwurst in glass jars.
Bayernland is a major German dairy organization for cheese and butter.
Pick Szeged has been a significant player in the European food industry market and has been the leader of the Hungarian meat market, offering excellent quality products widely known and appreciated all over the globe.
Alex’s Meat is a company based in New York City that sells quality meat, as well as some sweets, drinks, and diabetic products.
Bobak’s is a Chicago based company, founded in 1967. We are a USDA meat processor of old world sausages and deli meats in Chicago, nationally and internationally.
Lifeway is based in the United States and is engaged in the manufacturing of probiotic, cultured, functional dairy and non-dairy health food products.
Rugen Fisch is healthy and tasty, the German traditional and modern fish specialities are simply “fish at its best”.
Richter is a German seafood company that sells packaged herring and other types of fish.
Norge sells Norwegian seafood origins from cold, clear Norwegian oceans. The seafood is captured and managed by skilled Norwegian professionals and properly managed by Norwegian authorities and government. In other words, the brand “Norge – Norwegian seafood” is a guarantor of seafood of Norwegian origin.
Appel is one of the leading seafood brand in Germany. Only carefully selected fish and fine ingredients goes into these top quality fish cans, making it a delicious and handy snack.
Kaija is the oldest and most well-known brand in the Baltic States and the CIS. It means not only a stable quality and continuous innovations in fish production. This brand guarantees a consumer the highest quality of products at a reasonable price.
Riga Gold sells top quality gourmet smoked brisling sardines (Baltic sprats) from Latvia, along with other fish.
Biolife Brinza, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, curd cheese, farmer cheese , feta cheese, fresh cheese, margarine, vegetable extracts for food, yogurt, cultured dairy, kefir, hard cheese, mozzarella cheese, pot cheese, soft cheese , sour cream, butter, butter blend, milk, condensed whole milk, dairy products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt.
Alstertor is one of the oldest labels in Germany and they have been producing quality products for over 100 years. The recipe for their herring dates back nearly a century. This exclusive line of herring fillets manufactured under the Alstertor label is made from only the finest quality fresh (not frozen) herrings.
Alef Sausages and meat products are made in the best traditions of European deli products, based on the family own recipes.
?????-?????? was formed in 1993, Santa lmpex Brest was started as a joint venture be­ tween Mikhail Moshensky and Lou Kok, a Dutch seafood entrepreneur and owner of L. Kok International Seafood. Around 10 years ago the group also became the “world’s largest buyer of capelin roe”. The company has 10 plants as of today – five dairy products plants, three fish and seafood plants in Brest, one frozen products plant and the Russian Sea plant in Noginsk.
Nationwide Dairy
Larsen supplies fish from Nordic waters, such as mackerel, herring and salmon but also exotic species like tuna, hake and sea bass. They pride themselves with selling high quality seafood products and tomorrow’s classics.
Ice Land located in Hamburg, is a supplier of high quality frozen and fresh seafood from all parts of the world. Frozen seafood is mainly supplied directly to retail customers and packed under a private or distributor’s label. Fresh fish is mainly flown in from Iceland for retail, food service and catering com.
Fieldkamp sells high quality imported breads from Germany. Made with no preservatives and high in fiber, Feldkamp breads are delicious and good for you.
Delba Backbetrieb Delba was founded in 1983 and is now one of the leading companies for baking whole grain products. Delba introduced a great innovation to the bread market with its stay-fresh-box.
Haifa Smoked Fish a company centered in New York that supplies whilesale fish and seafood.
BKK is a brand of cake, made in Ukraine.
Sancho Pancho Cakes a wholesale bakery located in Brooklyn , NY that produces the finest pastries and desserts. Using expert handmade baking techniques we create European style baked goods that have gained popularity all throughout the United States.
Roshen one of the largest European manufacturers of confectionery products that supplies chocolate worldwide.
Farmers Gold is traditional German Noodles.
Tress Franz Tress GmbH & Co.KG  Germany Pasta/Noodles.
Dr. Oetker developed the baking powder Backin at his pharmacy in Bielefeld, Germany. Thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the stable ratio of active ingredients, he was able to guarantee housewives perfect baking results every time, and the company was born.
Knorr was formed in 1838, when founder Carl Heinrich Knorr pioneered experiments in drying seasonings and vegetables to preserve their flavor and nutritional value in Heilbronn. Since then, Knorr® has become an international brand offering a wide range of bouillons, soups, seasonings, sauces, soupy snacks, dressings and frozen and ready-made meals.
Maggi is a Nestle brandof instant soups, stocks, bouillon cubes, ketchups,sauces, seasoningsand instant noodles in Switzerland.
Lowensenf is a German mustard PROBEL company.
Kartoffelland supplies Germany’s famous potato treats in simple, easy to use packaging.
Lorenz is a growth-oriented European brand-name company with an international focus. We have always made excellent products in four main categories: chips, extruders, salty bakery and nuts. With our crunchy, tasty products we make lites of people more relaxing, more exciting, more entertaining, more fun, in short term: we make life more beautiful!
Reine Duon is a French-based company that studies, creates, and produces a wide range of mustards.
Riesa is pasta factory was founded in 1914 by “Grolbeinkaufs-gesellschaft Deutscher Consumvereine GmbH” (GEG) a large German food corporation.
Hengstenberg’s goal has been to affect food production significantly – from gentle process for the production of sauerkraut to the preservation finely acidic vegetables without preservatives. The company is based in Germany and stick with their tradition of great products.
Develey a Bavarian traditional company that for over 165 years has manufactured mustard and deli specialties in high quality.
Mars began in a Washington kitchen and established its’ first roots as a confectionery company. Now it is most famous for its several types of chocolate bars.
Milka is a traditional brand of chocolate confection, since October 2012 manufactured by Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods), and is based in Switzerland.
Bounty is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars, Incorporated and sold internationally. It was introduced in 1951 in the United Kingdom and Canada, initially only with a milk chocolate coating.
Prince Polo is a Polish chocolate bar. It is a chocolate-covered wafer, with four layers of wafer joined by three layers of chocolate-flavored filling.
Pergale began with the Pergale confectionery factory, which was founded in 1952. Famous for the quality and original recipes of its products for over 60 years this is currently the leading factory in the Baltic States!
Hanufa is a German sweet by Ferrero consisting of hazelnuts and chocolates and wiched between two wafers . The name hanuta is anacronym for Haselnusstafel, German for “hazelnut bar”.
Grabower is a German food company based in Grabow. It was founded in 1835 by Johann Bollhagen. Grabower produces a range of biscuits and cakes.
Pernigotty is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate (its speciality is the production of high quality Gianduiotto, a chocolate-hazelnuts based), nougats, Easter eggs and ice creams. It is one of the oldest and most traditional manufacturers of chocolate and nougat candy in Italy, founded in 1860 in the town of Novi Ligure, Piedmont.
Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate barbrand owned by Mondelez International, Inc. It is a unique milk chocolate including nougat, almonds and honey with a distinctive triangular shape.
Ritter Sport is a brand of chocolate for the Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG. Company which is headquartered in Waldenbuch, Germany. Each 100 gram square-shaped bar is dividedinto 16 smaller squares, creating a four-by-four pattern.
Fazer is one of the largest corporations in the Finnish food industry. Fazer’s classic chocolateis famous throughout Finland, and the blue color of its wrapper has been used by Fazer as a symbol for the whole product line.
Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues.
Jacqout is the first chocolate factory in France that dates back to 1814. It is famous for its chocolate figures that are sold around Christmas.
Schulte supplies cookies with an authentic German taste. Stock up on these unique finds for an authentic Old World celebration.
Raffaello was introduced in 1989. So white and refined, it reveals a light and delicate taste whose uniqueness is surprising. Tasting Raffaello means diving into a unique recipe, where a whole almond is plunged into a delicious creamy filling and enclosed in a crispy shell, covered in flakes of coconut.
Kinder Chocolate is a confectionery product of Italian confectionery multinational Ferrero SpA. One of its most famous treats includes Kinder eggs which contain small toys inside.
Kane Candy supplies only the very best in confections, exquisite chocolates & party themed edibles. All of their products are specifically created to add some edible fun to any party!
Casaly was founded in 1792 from Joseph Casali in Triest, on the Adr ia. Originally it was mainly liqueurs that were produced, but soon Casali as a brand was known not only for its high-quality liqueurs, but also for its delicious liqueur-filled confectionery.
Panda is the first confectionery factory of SOK Co-op Enterprises and began manufacturing sweets in the modest upstairs premises of a berry processing plant at Vaajakoski.
Duplo makes a wonderful cross between a candy bar and a cookie . Imagine wafers covered in chocolate, with smooth hazelnut cream layered throughout. They have always been a favorite in Germany.
Cadbury is a British confectionery company owned by Mondelez International and is the industry’s second-largest globally after Mars.
Gottena makes delicious cream filled wafers, partially covered with chocolate. The cookies are well known and loved in their home of Germany.
Bahlsen BIL is where biscuits and cookies are baked with the care and quality of a fine European delicacy.
Manner is a line of confectionery from the Austrianconglomerate, Josef Manner & Comp AG. The corporation, founded in 1890, produces a wide assortment of confectionery products. These include wafers, long-life confectionery, chocolate-based confectionery, sweets , cocoa and a variety of seasonal products.
Toffifee is a brand of caramel candies, owned by the Berlin-based German company August StorckKG. Toffifee are caramel cups conta ining nougat, caramel and a hazelnut, topped with a chocolate button.
Galaxy is a brand of milk chocolate, made and marketed by Mars, Incorporated, sold in India, Ireland, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.
Chio Chips were first created in 1962 by the von Opel family. Their distinctive spicy taste can also enjoy a wide range of Chio snacks including potato chips, tortilla chips, nuts, baked products, popcorn and a lot of more exciting snacks.
Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate sweet made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA. Introduced in 1982, the chocolates consist of a who le roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream including vegetable oil and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.
Trefin is a Belgian family owned company founded in 1929. They are producers of confectionery articles and are know for their chocolate and other candies.
Hachez is based in Bremen, in northern Germany, and is the second largest German manufacturer of chocolate products.
Mamba is a brand of fruitchew candies, made in Germany by August StorckKG. They are artificially flavored in strawberry, orange, lemon and raspberry.
Asbach is a German brandy produced by the company Asbach Gmbh, which also makes other spirits and chocolate.
Mangini is an Italian brand of fruit and coffee candies. Mangini mininiature candies are slightly bigger than their Italian cousin Glitterati. Bright and inviting, these perfect “after dinner” sized candies.
Brentwood is brand of cookies.
Royal EdinburGh is brand of cookies, biscuit.
Cavendish & Harvey is the premium brand for fruity candies and confectionery specialities. If you enjoy a fruity indulgence you will get your money’s worth with Cavendish & Harvey.
Leibniz is a German brand of biscuit, produced by the Bahlsenfood company since 1891. Leibniz-Keks is a plain butter biscuit, or Butterkeks as it is known in German, inspired by the French Petit beurre created in 1886 by Lefevre-Utile.
Gullon is a Spanish company dedicated to the food sector, mainly in the manufacture of crackers. Founded in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) in 1892, Gull6n is the leading producer of biscuits in Spain.
Royal Dansk are the makers of the original Danish luxury cookies that are loved and shared by people all over the world. They are made with traditional Danish ingredients, recipes, and style.
Chocolate Reber created a wonderful world of sweet treats that soon became a popular meeting place for the who’s who of Munich. Reber specialties have been made using only materials of the highest quality based on old, well-protected family recipes.
Mon Cheri is an internationally known brand name of the Italian Ferrero company for a chocolate confectionery. The Mon Cheri is a single-wrapped combination, consisting of a “heart” of cherry, floating in a liqueur and contained in a plain chocolate housing.
Haribo is a German confectionery company, founded in 1920 by Johannes (“Hans”) Riegel. Haribo made the first gummy candy in 1922 when Hans Riegel, Sr. made the first Gummibarchen (little gummy bears).
Burton’s Burton’s Biscuit Company has been baking quality biscuits for over 75 years, though our history can be traced back to George Burton (born 1829) who began producing biscuits in Leek, Staffordshire in the mid 1800’s.
Chupa Chups is a world wide registered trademark. It was originally used on a lollipop in Spain and now is a popular confectionery brand sold in over 150 countries around the world.
Katjes is a Dutch candy company named after a little cat.
La Vie La Vosgenne is a company that supplies assorted candies in several flavors, made in France.
Merci is a brand of German chocolatecandy manufactured by the German company August StorckKG. The chocolates are manufactured as bars of differently flavored chocolate from Europe, packaged in a white box. Each flavor has its own individual color, to distinguish it from the other flavors in the box.
Schladerer Pralines is a company that supplies Liquor and Fruity Brandy pralines from Germany.
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Schluckwerder is a German company that stands for progress and development of marzipan, pralines and chocolate specialties.
Verpoorten Pralines are a traditional German chocolate sold internationally, and a German favorite.
Butlers is an Irish owned manufacturer of luxury chocolate and chocolate products. Butlers Chocolates is an Irish chocolate producer and operates from a custom built production facility in North Dublin. It produces a wide range of confectionery products including chocolate assortments, truffles, fudge, toffee, chocolate bars and seasonal novelties.
Beauty Sweeties based in Littleton, Colorado, is an earth-friend ly and socially responsible gourmet food company that is committed to not only creating the most delicious organic baked goods possible, but also the most beautiful! Our specialty is in the creation of colorful, all-natural sugar cookies; each one individually hand-baked and exquisitely decorated.
Chocolate Santander honors a Colombian region with breathtaking landscapes and fruitful soils.And on the mountains of such a region, one of the finest cacaos grows, being widely recognized for its exquisite, fine flavor.
Lambertz is one of the leading German manufacturers of gingerbread , biscuits, tartlets and other traditional confectionary products sold either all year round or in the run-up to Christmas and the festive season. The company was founded in 1688 in Aachen , a city in the west of Germany.
Anthon Berg is a famous Danish chocolate makers that supplies chocolate liquor all over the world.