Dear Potential Vendor,

Imex Leader Inc. is an independently owned distributor, marketer, and wholesale grocer with over 15 years experience in proudly servicing customers who sell high quality, brand recognized European, national, and local food products at affordable prices.

We market, distribute, and wholesale high demand, high quality, brand name food products from our vendors to retail outlets through our proprietary “full marketing support” approach. We provide a wide range of services for you including:

–Discovering and researching products to determine those with the best price and quality (value for money) ratios, and thus, best earning opportunities
–Employing the latest cutting-edge product marketing systems and ideas
–Managing retailer inventory control with the latest SBT technology
–Advising “right pricing” and most effective product placement to our retailers

We are currently expanding our partnerships with both new and old companies and brands within the American food marketplace, especially for all-natural and certified organic products from recognized product lines and companies.

It takes only a few moment to discover “the difference” our “Full Marketing Support” approach makes with the successful distribution of your product, and we would very much like to hear from you! If you might be interested in becoming one of our vendors, please complete the Vendor Application Form and return it to us.

Thank you for your interest in Imex Leader Inc.!